About Us

RICKFORD Investments is the holding company of DURAROOF Quality Roofing Tiles. We now introduce a high-end range of DURA branded products. This extension of our product offerings is focused on the home owner and contractor. We strive to provide exceptional lifestyle finishes, value and quality through our DURA Branded Products, complement any home, retail and office space.

DURArange of products offerings includes DURAROOF Quality Ceiling Tiles (polystyrene and Polyurethane tile and cornices) for exceptional value for money for the best look and feel that will compliment any choice or taste in finishes.

DURAPVC Quality PVC ceiling tiles (PVC slats, strips and corners) bring a marbleised look to any ceiling in any home, retail and office space with a variety of patterns This unique ceiling finish upgrades your living space to a modern take in your living space.

DURALOK (lockset, barrel and keys) offers the end user a magnificent range of quality locksets to compliment any home, retail and office space.

DURADOOR Quality Steel Roll Up Door is part of the new range of products, with a strong focus on appearances and security when installed to your garage (parking spaces) or storage units.

DURAWALL Art, is an exceptional product for the improvement of any décor scheme that a home owner or interior decorator install for the modern look. This unique high end product range is a new trend in the international market, moving towards the intended idea of eco-friendly products.