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A fusion of technology

Duraroof – the cost effective and maintenance free roofing solution that adds timeless beauty to your residential or commercial project.

DuraRoof is the new age roofing solution uniquely developed to combine the aesthetic appeal of traditional concrete roof tiles with the resilient weathering properties of stone and the strength of steel. Together with zinc or aluzinc coatings and acrylic base and top protective layers offer unsurpassed levels of performance that withstands all the effects of the fierce African climate.

7 layers for strength and protection

The Complete Solution

DuraRoof tiles are today the leading choice for most roofing solutions.The combination of the building industry’s strongest materials, namely steel and stone are expertly pressed and bound together into a panel that replicates heavy traditional concrete tiles without all the obvious weight and costs. Heavy-duty galvanised steel or aluzinc coated metal sheets are profiled into various stylish designs and coated with a layer of acrylic base coat. Natural stone chips are then embedded in the surface and a layer of protective acrylic top coat is applied to preserve and seal the tile. A protective acrylic coat is applied to the bottom.

The stone bonded coating will give your residential or commercial project a durable finish and an immaculate appearance that is unique and textured. At a sixth of the weight of heavy and expensive concrete tiles, it is also the easiest to handle and install and is your most cost-effective roofing solution. DuraRoof tiles offer superb structural integrity and are available with a 30-year warranty.

Stone coated steel roofing has been protecting houses for over 50 years. Now, with advanced technology combined with ISO strength zinc or aluzinc coating, 100% acrylic top coating and natural stone chips, DuraRoof has put together a roofing material that will stand up to all that nature can throw at it.

DuraRoof’s unique overlapping system and horizontal fixing technique produce a leak-proof formula with added burglar proofing. DuraRoof offers a low maintenance solution that eliminates the inconvenience of replacing broken tiles, fixing leaks and painting up every few years. The protective coating inhibits fungal and lichen growth and contains anti-microbial properties for a safer and cleaner environment around your home. It eliminates the need for impacting alternatives that destroy our environment over time.

DuraRoof is manufactured to superior international quality standards that deliver a roofing solution that exceed the expectations of discerning professionals. Designed to replicate a variety of popular traditional styles, DuraRoof combines all the attributes of aesthetics, construction and functionality into a single product.

Duraroof is the affordable, luxurious and versatile roofing solution that is not only stronger but more durable as well. DuraRoof tiles are available in a variety of popular colours and are quick and easy to install. It is also the ideal choice for re-roofing and is available with a complete range of accessories to compliment and expertly finish any project.

The Innovative Roofing Solutions

Each DuraRoof tile covers a wide area and is very light, which means that installation is quick and easy. It requires less support timber, so there are considerable savings of material, time and money. DuraRoof allows you to invest your money in the roof and not the structure. Unlike conventional roof systems, a major benefit of stone coated steel roofing systems is that it can be installed over most existing roofs, offering substantial time and labor savings.

Transport and handling is made simpler and reduces the risk of breakage. DuraRoof is completely weatherproof and maintenance-free, saving you time, inconvenience and money in the future. DuraRoof is installed in a matter of days, using easy to understand procedures with minimum equipment and labour.

DuraRoof’s lightweight properties benefit the home, the homeowner and the contractor. It’s high strength to weight ratio and stringent manufacturing standards ensure superb long-term structural rigidity and copes easily with environmental stresses resulting from the sun, gale force winds, hail storms and pelting rain. The steel base doesn’t burn and DuraRoof’s unique interlocking formula provides greater protection in the event of earthquakes and heavy rain giving you greater peace of mind. They support all normal installation traffic and cope easily with the stresses of flexing and distortions. DuraRoof tiles are easy to handle and can be cut and bent as required.